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Can I re-pierce my ears after having keloid scars removed???

I had my ears pierced almost 10 years ago and during the first week, I remember that other friends were handing my ears and admiring the earrings and possible could have "disrupted" the healing process. The back of my right ear started to get itchy about 6-7 months later but I didn't think much of it and eventually it got bigger and bigger, and finally a large keloid scar aproximately 1cm. Within 2 years of having the keloid, my doctor recommended me to see some specialists and they decided to "operate" to remove it. The surgical incisions are barely visible now and no new keloids have reformed from the surgery.

If I do re-pierce them, I obviously would not pierce them directly over the old scar but perhaps a few mm away. Is it safe for me to re-pierce my ears??? Has anyone did this before and have keloids form again? Any suggestions or answers would be greatly appreciated.

Can I re-pierce my ears after having keloid scars removed???
You got a lot of good comments about not piercing over the area that had the keloid and keeping the area clean and not allowing people to touch the pierced area, but I would like to add that you should get earrings with surgical steel.

Why? Because gold is a mixture of other metals and you might be allergic. My mom had keloids when she was a teenager and she never repierced her ears again and was scared for me to get mines pierced but I haven't had any problems.

Also wear the post type earring for a least 6 months, no wire type earrings and clean the site everyday with the site cleaner they give you when you get your ears pierced.
Reply:Re Pierce Ears Again And Again Will Not Harm You Anymore

This Is The Fact And You Can Do Whenever You Like But The condition Is

1st Of all the part that u have previously Pierce Must Be Healed Completely

After then when u wanna piercing againg make sure where u are going to piercew ur ear.

Don't Pierce On the part where you have pierced Before.

So Your Ear will not be damaged Any more.

And You will feel comfort.

So Don't Worry And Be happy And Immidiattly Go For Piercing.

I m telling All this Couse : I have my personal Experience Of My Mother : She Is Very Fond Of To Wareing Diffrent Kinda Earings And She Has Pierced Her Ears More Than 4 times.

Look : Earings Makes Girls Beautiful And Shiner

So Girls Look Beautiful When They Wares Earings.
Reply:Hi Judy, Some people are more prone to getting keltoids. Their body "over protects" an injury and the result is a keltoid. Just take good care of your new peircing, remove earrings often and cleanse area with a product made for that purpose. Also, I recommend wearing 14 c. gold earrings. They are less likely to irritate your ears. Good luck.
Reply:I agree w/ Susan also I would double check with the piercer and see what they advise as well.
Reply:Are having pierced ears that important? Would sacrifice your comfort and possibly another surgery to have pierced ears? If so go for it.


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